TAGSA Award for Outstanding Conference Session Led by a Graduate Student

The TAGSA Award for Outstanding Conference Session Led by a Graduate Student, established in 2013, recognizes a graduate student who facilitates an outstanding student-led conference session at the annual STLHE conference.

Eligibility: Criteria for eligibility

  • Graduate students (including but not restricted to TAGSA members) who are currently enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program at a post-secondary institution or who were enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program at a post-secondary institution in the most recent academic year (2018-2019). The Graduate student must also be listed as the first author on their conference session.
  • Presenting at the 2019 STLHE conference or a Pre-conference stream. Session does not need to be part of the TAGSA stream.
  • Graduate student members of the award adjudication committee are not eligible.

Application Process: Graduate students (including TAGSA members) who have had a proposal accepted to the STLHE conference and who are interested in being considered for the “TAGSA Award for Outstanding Conference Session Led by a Graduate Student” must submit an application to the Chairs of the TAGSA SIG via email (directions below) that includes:

Graduate Studies Status:
Conference Session Title and Abstract:
Language(s) of Presentation:

In submitting this information, the candidate confirms their eligibility for this award. Candidates who facilitate two or more sessions need to apply for each one separately. Candidates cannot apply for more than two sessions. Multiple candidates facilitating a single session need to submit only one application.

E-mail Submission and Deadline: Candidate applications should be sent with “TAGSA Award” in the subject line no later than Monday, May 31st, 2019 to Adjudication criteria will be forwarded to each applicant before the conference.

Award: At the conference, members of the TAGSA Award Adjudication Committee will circulate among the sessions of applicants who asked to be considered for the award in order to adjudicate the sessions. The award will be presented at the closing of the STLHE conference. The award, which is sponsored by the STLHE and the conference organizers, includes a certificate, reimbursement of all conference registration fees, acknowledgement on the STLHE website and in the STLHE newsletter, a one-year complimentary membership to TAGSA, and a one year complimentary membership to STLHE to recognize the contribution the award winner makes to teaching and learning in post-secondary education. If the winning session is facilitated by two or more candidates, the monetary value of the award will be divided between the winners.

For inquiries about the award, please contact

Past recipients of the award:

2018 – Michelle Ogrodnik, Masters student, McMaster University. Session: “The era of screens, sitting, and studying: Harnessing the benefits of exercise to promote learning in higher education.”
2017 – Alyona Koulanova and Aryel Maharaj, Masters students, University of Toronto Scarborough. Session: “Fit breaks: A Physical Activity-Based Intervention for the University Classroom.”
2016 – William Albabish, PhD candidate, University of Guelph. Session: “Use of cadaveric, dissection-based specimens and digital based audio-visual modules to supplement ‘traditionally’ taught patient-care skills for Emergency Healthcare Providers”.
2015 – Hélène Meunier, PhD candidate, Université du Québèc à Montréal. Session: “Le portfolio: un outil d’évaluation pour la formation des maîtres / The portfolio: an assessment tool for teacher training”.
2014 – Betsy Keating, PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Windsor. Session: “Not a “Real” Teacher: Undergraduate TAs’ Conceptions of Teaching”.
2013Nathan J. Lachowsky, a PhD candidate, Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph. Session: “Student Perception of their Learning in a First-Year Seminar. A comparison of three modes of course delivery”.